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Stanford University“Colleen worked with my daughter on her application to Stanford and I believe was critical to her being admitted. Colleen helped her understand the environment in which the essays would be evaluated and gave her examples for how others in the past had made their essays personal and interesting. Further, when my daughter finished her first drafts, Colleen encouraged and directed her — without interfering in the actual creative or writing process — to go back to the ‘writing board’ and interject more facts, more personality, and more self-insight. Having seen the first drafts and the final submissions, I know that Colleen’s help and direction yielded a quality submission and now my daughter is a very happy Stanford freshman!”

JoAnn, Parent of Stanford student

ucla“From start to finish, Colleen was fantastic. She kept me organized, motivated and energized throughout the process. She encouraged me to research different colleges, identified opportunities in my resume, and helped me write the essays that really showed who I am. I couldn’t have done it without her guidance.”

Alyssa, UCLA

Stanford University“My sessions with Colleen were always fluid and productive. I don’t know anybody who knew the admissions process to my dream school (Stanford) better than she did. She fine-tuned my essays into their most concise and attractive forms and overall never made me worried about college. In fact, most of the time she was more worried than I was. Colleen’s determination and sense of humor made her very easy to work with.”

Franklin, Stanford University

“Working with Colleen was amazing. She helped me with everything, from narrowing down my long list of prospective colleges to editing my honors application once I had been accepted to my dream school. Throughout the whole process Colleen was nothing but supportive. I started off with very discombobulated ideas about what I wanted to write in my essays, but together we worked through the mediocre ideas to get to the great ones. Most of the work we did together was brainstorming and editing, but she also gave me an idea of what I needed to do on my own and pushed me when I slacked on my homework. Colleen was available on email whenever I needed advice, and she would help me with editing my essays between sessions so we could do final revisions and submit in person. I don’t think I could have got through this stressful process without her!”

Jacque, Dodge College, Chapman Honors Program

Wellesley College“At first, I was hesitant to hire an outside-of-school college counselor, given my school provides each student with their own. However, once I started working with Colleen, I realized how helpful it was to set weekly goals for completing certain applications, and how easy it was to receive feedback when I read my personal essays aloud to someone in my own voice. Now that I’ve received my decision letters, I realize I would have never had the ability to gain acceptance to any of my reach schools if it hadn’t been for the step-by-step help given to me by Colleen.”

Claudia, Wellesley College

Boston UniversityI am writing to express my gratitude to Colleen who has been instrumental to the college application of my son Sherif Bichara. My husband and I had studied in Egypt. When we decided our son should study in the USA, we were overwhelmed by the process, not having been through it ourselves. A friend recommended Colleen and she did an amazing job. Although most work was done via skype and through emails, Colleen helped Sherif research colleges, drawing a realistic list of universities to consider. We were really impressed with how Colleen was able to highlight Sherif’s strengths in his essays. She inspired him to keep improving his essays, one version after the other, encouraging him at every step. Throughout the process, Colleen kept Sherif on track, pushing him to meet deadlines, enticing him to get his reference letters, essays and scores submitted, removing that weight off our shoulders. We are lucky to have been introduced to Colleen. We were confident all along that she owned the process and was taking care of our son. Thank you very much Colleen!

Marianne, parent of Boston University student

“One visit with Colleen and the three of us was all it took to see she was the answer. She quickly came up with a list of colleges based on our input and private conversations with our son. From that point on it was all Colleen and our son. They prioritized schools, wrote (and re-wrote) the essay(s), and got some early wins (acceptances) before the holidays. The final essay blew me away! It was our son at his very best. She clearly had a rapport with our son. Immediately after showing us his first acceptance, he texted Colleen to let her know as he did with every one after that. He chose Loyola Marymount University, LOVES it, and is doing great! The best evidence of the job Colleen did is the non-contentious senior year of high school we experienced, followed by a successful freshman year in a college he loves, and not a doubt in our minds that we will use Colleen again when our next son reaches that point.”Polly, parent of Loyola Marymount University student

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