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From hourly consultations and summer intensive programs to comprehensive services, we provide the services you need.

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As a reader at Stanford University and college consultant for the past eight years, Colleen has been on both sides of admissions.

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We have helped hundreds of students find the right college. Find out what our happy students and parents are saying about us.

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From advice on what admissions officers are looking for to writing the essay, we welcome you to tap into our years of experience.

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The Perfect Match for Every Student

Today the college application process can seem overwhelming, stressful and all-consuming. On the contrary, we believe the journey to college should be an exciting time for self-discovery! We help students identify and research strong matches across a number of criteria important to them. We work closely with each individual student to assess their strengths, identify opportunities, create a balanced college list and craft a seamless story throughout their application. Combined, we have twelve years of experience in admissions at Stanford and Michigan. With over a decade working directly with our students, we've come to see the admissions process from both sides of the desk. By the end of the process, our students find a college where they will thrive.

There is no better time to start your future.

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